The question addressed in this video runs much deeper than the cartoon classic All Dogs Go to Heaven. Fr. Mike ventures into the theology of the matter, even taking some words of wisdom from St. Thomas Aquinas and St. Paul—who says in Romans 8, that creation will “share in the glorious freedom of the children of God.” But Fr. Mike also redirects our interest in heaven, helping us focus on embracing Someone far greater than our beloved pets.


  1. As a faithful, practicing Catholic I disagree with Father’s viewpoint that we aren’t ready for Heaven if we think we need our dog there too. We recently had to end the life of our family dog, and I continue to question how a God whose mercy encompasses all of His creation could refrain from offering a place in eternity for a) an animal who has never known the effects of original sin and b) has been placed in our family to teach us what unconditional love looks like. May I suggest we broaden our view of what God’s love and mercy contain? For since the very beginning, the creatures He created have been good. Why ~ if our pets reveal to us the reality of the love of God ~ would God NOT allow us to have that be a part of our eternal life with Him? Or, if they are not meant to be with us for eternity, why would the Lord NOT provide his beloved creatures a place of rest. I continue to hope the Lord hears me as I mourn the loss of an animal who was given to me by the Lord to make me a better person.


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