Heal Me


I have faith that you will heal me if only I touch your garment.
Heal me from my weakness, my sins, and from everything that is taking me away from you.
I’m coming with all my sins asking for forgiveness.
You carried me although I broke your heart a lot.
All I said was, “Jesus heal me, I’m back.”
And all you did was you carried me without pointing fingers at me.
You looked at my broken heart and soul.
You gave me a smile, a warm smile.
That smile healed every scare in me.
How stupid of me to think I can make it without you?
Life without you Lord is just illusion happiness.
We try to comfort ourselves that we can make it, but we are just lying at ourselves.
You alone, you alone can give us what the world can not.
Now Jesus, carry me until I get my strength back and heal your wounds that I created because of my foolishness.
Forgive me, I love you with all my heart and soul.


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