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Corona Virus Disrupting Life: Catholic Inside Look Into Slovakia

As Coronavirus broke out in the world, some countries are taking very seriously and sometimes that comes with sorrowful actions. I give you a closer look at the situation in my country, Slovakia.

Closed schools, closed shopping centers, libraries, boundaries, airports, coffee houses, restaurants, centers of different characters. There are no theatrical performances or movie theatre visits. No people in the streets.

The most painful action which was taken in the last week was the ban of Holy Mass in the country for 14 days. Not just catholic, but orthodox and protestant (evangelical), too. This action was accepted with great pain. Imagine the situation in which we are right now. No Mass, no Eucharist. I read a plea from our Prime Minister, I read a letter from our state hygienist. I read it with tears, I heard the pain behind these words which were put down. I heard fear, I heard despair behind them.

First, I felt like something sat down on my chest. I felt anger, I felt despair, I felt pain. I did not understand. I blamed everyone who obeyed. But after these first feelings, I looked at all of our priests, our bishops, and noticed grieve in their faces. I remembered pain which was felt from the letter and words which had to be written and I believe it was not simple for anyone…

Now we have to be still. We have to pray. We have to fast. For every single human who is affected by this disease. We have to hold out. We hope that our sacrifice will obstruct the virus and its spread.

We pray that it will not affect our older or younger family members. That is why me and the people of our country stay at home. We are close enough to Italy, where this virus took so many lives. Are we afraid? Yes, but at the same time, we know that if we bond together and will follow instructions, we will win this fight.

So I just want to tell you: Even when you think you are young enough, please be considerate towards your old neighbors. Maybe you are capable of getting over it, but their lives matter and now it depends on you too, if we can defend them.

And now I look out my window, see empty places and I feel sad. I miss my great parents, I miss my friends and everyone. But I believe in God’s divine providence and mercy. Let’s pray together for the ending of all of this….and for our doctors. They carry a lot of burdens right now…

Martina Šulová
Coming from Slovakia and contributing with many websites to bring Catholicism again into the spotlight, even if in secular media, sometimes. We need true information, not made up by others. I love educating in my faith.


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