Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Dr. Jordan B. Peterson


Bishop Barron on the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon

Like many others, I have watched the Jordan Peterson phenomenon unfold with a certain fascination. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you...

Why I’m Not Catholic

Jordan Peterson: Don't follow stupid rules. I need to stay outside of boxes because then I can look at what's inside of them without...

Jordan Peterson finally asked about the Catholic Faith

Help us keep our show independent and unfiltered. Support our work: http://www.patrickcoffin.media/donate Read more stories about Dr. Jordan Peterson from Catholic sources: Bishop Barron: The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon The...
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Catholic Etiquette for Beginners ~ Mass

This video is perfect if you are interested in the Catholic faith and want to attend mass for the first time. In this video...

The Essential Reason Porn is Wrong

“People find themselves viewing more and more disturbing pornography, and the reason for this is because of a decrease in dopamine in the brain,...

Waiting Until Marriage; Why Catholics Need to Do So

Here's an article why waiting until marriage is for the best. Sure, only 3% of the world waits until...