Thursday, October 1, 2020
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Jordan Peterson calmly dismantles feminism infront of two feminists

The clinical psychologist is wildly popular on YouTube, with more than 1.1 million subscribers who tune in to hear him speak about the "Marxist...

The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon

This morning on Catholic Breakfast, Fr. Muir begins the discussion about Dr. Jordan Peterson and why he's worth listening to.

Why I don’t go to church

BEST COMMENTS: Comment 1 - "I don't go to church...I'm not sure that's a good thing." Maybe the greatest thing about Peterson is his honesty. Not...

Jordan Peterson explains how to live up to your potential when you are Catholic

A comment on this video: "I am a Franciscan priest and work at a Newman Center with the local university students. I have been reading/listening...

Bishop Barron on the Jordan Peterson Phenomenon

Like many others, I have watched the Jordan Peterson phenomenon unfold with a certain fascination. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you...

Why I’m Not Catholic

Jordan Peterson: Don't follow stupid rules. I need to stay outside of boxes because then I can look at what's inside of them without...

Jordan Peterson finally asked about the Catholic Faith

Help us keep our show independent and unfiltered. Support our work: Read more stories about Dr. Jordan Peterson from Catholic sources: Bishop Barron: The Jordan Peterson Phenomenon The...

Destroying Transgenderism And Pro-Abortion Arguments

From Ben Shapiro's Q and A session at Ferris State Authority Watch more at
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Saint Augustine On The Fall Of Lucifer

Dr Taylor Marshall discusses the fall of Lucifer and the role of Saint Michael the Archangel. Get more videos like this and earn a Certificate...

Ben Shapiro Destroys The Abortion Argument

Shapiro has also emphasized the fact that abortion is often seen as a tidy, clinical procedure in which no violence occurs, which is far from the...

Will I Ever Find “The One”?

Are you expecting to find that special someone someday, and are you hoping you’ll live happily ever after? Be honest. We’ve all had that...