Friday, September 25, 2020


New Brazilian President: Catholic, Pro-life, Against Gender Ideology

Meet Brazil’s new President, Jair Bolsonaro, a Roman Catholic and his campaign motto is pretty simple and refreshing. “BRAZIL ABOVE EVERYTHING, GOD ABOVE EVERYONE.” He is...

The Answer Is Love

Before becoming a devout Catholic, I never truly understood just how precious life is. For years I was under the impression that if a...

The New Young Faces of the Pro-Life Movement

ABC NEWS: This is what the Pro-life movement looks like at it's strongest in the United States. At the March For Life, young and...

Pro-Life Millennials Speak Out

Tired of the rhetoric around abortion? The loudest voices don’t always tell the whole story. Here are 7 millennial women—socialist, libertarian, Republican, independent—all of...

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing: Catholics For Choice

The Texas bishops noted that "Despite what is implied by its name, Catholics for Choice is not a member-oriented organization and has no affiliation...

The Greatest Destroyer of Peace is Abortion

Mother Teresa courageously speaks about abortion at the National Prayer Breakfast on February 3, 1994, in front of pro-abortion politicians including President Clinton and...

Boy Missing 80% of Brain Beats the Odds

Jaxon Buell was born missing about 80% of his brain. Despite doctors' predictions, he recently celebrated 2 1/2 years of life. Watch this "EWTN...

Ben Shapiro Destroys The Abortion Argument

Shapiro has also emphasized the fact that abortion is often seen as a tidy, clinical procedure in which no violence occurs, which is far from the...

Leah Darrow on “My Body, My Choice”

Leah Darrow, a model-turned-Catholic speaker, tells us how society warps our perception of the body and why respect for the body is key to...

March for Life vs. Women’s March – Amazing Differences

Two Americas. The Godly and ungodly. When Will America Turn Back to God? In response to the results of the presidential election in November, the American...

Dr. Levatino Destroys Abortion in 2 Minutes

Dr. Antony Levatino testifies at a House Judiciary Committee hearing about Planned Parenthood's medical procedures. Planned Parenthood has been under fire after videos were...

Abortion Survivor Meets Her Birth Mother

Melissa Ohden survived an abortion attempt and learned about it at age 14. In an interview with EWTN Pro-Life Weekly's Catherine Szeltner, Melissa opens...
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A Catholic Guide to Depression

Join host Michael Hernon, panelists Dr. Regis Martin and Dr. Scott Hahn, and special guest Dr. Aaron Kheriaty, Professor of Psychiatry at the University...

Making a Good Confession

If you have ever wondered how to make a good confession, Fr. Mike Schmitz has some solid advice for you. He points out that...

Who is Father Leo Patalinghug?

What do you get when you combine a former award-winning choreographer for break-dancing groups, 3rd degree Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor, acclaimed...