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This is a Wicked Age

Mother reads from Scripture where St. Paul says that "this is a wicked age but your lives shall redeem it" and explains that if...

Imperfection as an Opportunity

“If you’re breathing and you’ve got two legs, you’re called to holiness.” -Mother Angelica

What is Heaven really like?

“Simply believing in the existence of God is not exactly what I would call a commitment. After all, even the devil believes that God...

Remembering Mother Angelica

Fr. Leonard reflects on how Mother Angelica helped him overcome one of his greatest fears and inspired his vocation to the priesthood.

God Knows Us As We Really Are

EWTN Global Catholic Television Network: Mother Angelica Live Classics - Mother Angelica - Family Night originally aired August 07, 2001 - God Knows Us...

How To Avoid Purgatory

Mother Angelica of EWTN tells a caller how she can avoid purgatory. What is Purgatory? Learn more:

Mother Angelica: Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled

Mother Angelica talks about tough times that people go through and though God allows difficulties in life, we can know that God will only...
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The Answer Is Love

Before becoming a devout Catholic, I never truly understood just how precious life is. For years I was under the impression that if a...

A Long History – Christian Persecution By Communists

There is a long-standing history on Christian persecution. Let's talk about the martyrs who went through oppression from the...

Wasting Your Life

Adam Miller commented on this video: "I am a non denominational Protestant. Just ran across Bishop Sheehan today for 1st time. This man is an...

Man insults restaurant customer who has Down syndrome

A rude man insults a customer who has Down syndrome. The man complains that the customer takes too long to order and that the...