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Please share this video by clicking on the social media icons below the video. This is part 1 of a three part series on the three visions given by Our Lady of Fatima. Line by line commentary by Dr Taylor...
Here's how to refute Mormons in 4 Points, presented by Dr. Taylor Marshall from the New Saint Thomas Institute. Do you want to join NSTI and earn your Certificate in Catholic Theology? Visit: newsaintthomas.com Distinctive Beliefs of the Mormon Church
We track the prophecies of corruption in the Catholic Church beginning with the vision of Pope Leo XIII in 1884 (and St Michael's Prayer) and move up through Our Lady of Fatima in 1917 and Our Lady of Akita...
Dr Taylor Marshall explains the 5 needed "Life Habits" that every Catholic needs to acquire IF you want to transform the lives of those around you.
You can earn an online Certificate in Catholic Theology and/or Apologetics. Please learn more at: http://newsaintthomas.com

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