Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Verónica Güidoni de Hidalgo

5 things that allowed me to reflect on the royal wedding of Eugenia of York and we can practice at our wedding

Like so many people at this time and for different reasons, I did not want to miss the last real wedding of these times. One of the granddaughters of the Queen of England, Eugenia of York blessed their union...

Looking for My Greatest Success

Ever since I was a teenager, I knew that I wanted to achieve great goals in my life, that I wanted to become someone important, that I wanted to leave an unforgettable legacy. I was not exactly famous or...

About Me

She is Professor of History (1996) and Bachelor of History (2000) of the National University of Cuyo. She has studied at the University of Huelva (Spain) with an Intercampus scholarship, in addition to receiving doctorate courses and also teaching some classes as a teacher. Married and mother of six children, she is the author of two unpublished novels with historical content.
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Latest News

The Long History of Christian Persecution By Communists

Let's talk about the martyrs who went through oppression from the communist party in Central Europe to...
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Man Who Threw The Pagan Idol Into The Tiber River Has Coronavirus

Please meet Alexander Tschugguel, one of the men who removed the idols from the Church of St Maria Traspontina and threw them...

Corona Virus Disrupting Life: Catholic Inside Look Into Slovakia

As Coronavirus broke out in the world, some countries are taking very seriously and sometimes that comes with sorrowful actions. I give you...

Time Travel: Catholic were to travel through time, what would that mean for his or her faith journey?

Hypothetically, if a Catholic were to travel through time, what would that mean for his or her faith journey?

Top Italian Doctors Suggesting To Stop Treating The Elderly With Coronavirus

Pray for all who have Coronavirus and especially for the elderly in Italy as crazy top Italian doctors there are suggesting to...
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