Sunday, March 29, 2020
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Richy Orozco


Lives Impacted by St. Michael’s Abbey

A video interview of people whose lives have been impacted by the Norbertine Fathers of St. Michaels' Abbey, a monastery of Catholic priests located in Orange County, California. The Norbertines have lived in Silverado, CA for...

Hope in the New Year

With each new year come new hopes, new plans, and new opportunities. Fr. Mike points out that this optimism and this “spirit” of New Year’s is a great inspiration for the interior life of the Christian.

Catholics in Nicaragua are Denied Entrance to Holy Mass

Government officials blocked the entrance of this Catholic Church and would not allow any parishioners inside. The brave priest stood his ground and told the cops that the dictatorship is ruining their country and that he did...

How to Live with Uncertainty

Mother Clare and Fr. Mark-Mary discuss how to live with uncertainty. Being uncertain about something isn’t entirely problematic, because uncertainty requires that we trust something or someone. Often we put that trust in empirical research, the scientific...

It’s Not Always Wrong to be Jealous!

If you’re wondering about the difference between jealousy and envy, Fr. Mike clears up the confusion in this video. Simply put, jealousy is not wanting to share something or someone you possess or hope to possess, and...

Pressing Past Pain

Sometimes the hardships in our life can cause us to want to give up, but Jesus gives us the ability to press past pain and into our purpose.

Marcus Grodi w/ Fr. Leo Patalinghug

"Savoring Our Faith" Host Fr. Leo Patalinghug shares what called him back to the Catholic Faith, and his calling to the Priesthood. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.

Anti-Fragile Faith

Christian faith and Christian joy are more than mere feelings. Faith is confidence in the Person and promises of God. Joy is the sense of well- being that is the fruit of something else. It is the...

Off The Hook College Dating 101

Jason Evert shares his experience in the dating world and how to avoid common problems in the dating world.

Abby Johnson coming home to the Catholic Church

Abby Johnson, formerly Baptist and Episcopalian, discusses her experiences working for Planned Parenthood and how witnessing a traumatic abortion led her to leave the industry behind and join the Catholic Church. Hosted by Marcus Grodi.

About Me

Richy is the founder of Catholic Connect with a passion for technology and faith.
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Latest News


Man Who Threw The Pagan Idol Into The Tiber River Has Coronavirus

Please meet Alexander Tschugguel, one of the men who removed the idols from the Church of St...
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Corona Virus Disrupting Life: Catholic Inside Look Into Slovakia

As Coronavirus broke out in the world, some countries are taking very seriously and sometimes that comes with sorrowful actions. I give you...

Time Travel: Catholic were to travel through time, what would that mean for his or her faith journey?

Hypothetically, if a Catholic were to travel through time, what would that mean for his or her faith journey?

Top Italian Doctors Suggesting To Stop Treating The Elderly With Coronavirus

Pray for all who have Coronavirus and especially for the elderly in Italy as crazy top Italian doctors there are suggesting to...

10 Nursing Homes in Washington State Have Coronavirus

Authorities in the United States and other parts of the world are rushing to avoid overwhelming hospitals. The fear is that hospitals...
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