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God’s Plan Revealed

What do you get when you combine a former award-winning choreographer for break-dancing groups, 3rd degree Black Belt Martial Arts Instructor, acclaimed chef, TV and radio personality, and priest? None other than Fr. Leo Patalinghug! Raised and...

Eternity 101: Heaven, Hell, and Purgatory

Originally from South Texas, Fr. Agustino Torres, C.F.R. has been working in active ministry within the Church mostly with youth, the poor and the pro-life movement. He entered the Franciscan friars of the renewal in 1999 and...

How prayer and the sacraments transform our lives and build us up even more as missionary disciples

Fr. Agustino Torres, C.F.R. and Sr. Miriam James Heidland, SOLT will take us deeper into the teachings of the Apostles in Acts 2:42, where we'll explore how prayer and the sacraments transform our lives and build us...

Blessed by a tremendous amount of growth—both in our numbers, as well as in their apostolates

Immersed in the 900-year tradition of our order, the Norbertine Fathers live a common life of liturgical prayer and care for souls. Their abbey in Orange County consists of nearly fifty priests and over thirty seminarians studying...

Lives Impacted by St. Michael’s Abbey

A video interview of people whose lives have been impacted by the Norbertine Fathers of St. Michaels' Abbey, a monastery of Catholic priests located in Orange County, California. The Norbertines have lived in Silverado, CA for...

Hope in the New Year

With each new year come new hopes, new plans, and new opportunities. Fr. Mike points out that this optimism and this “spirit” of New Year’s is a great inspiration for the interior life of the Christian.

Catholics in Nicaragua are Denied Entrance to Holy Mass

Government officials blocked the entrance of this Catholic Church and would not allow any parishioners inside. The brave priest stood his ground and told the cops that the dictatorship is ruining their country and that he did...

How to Live with Uncertainty

Mother Clare and Fr. Mark-Mary discuss how to live with uncertainty. Being uncertain about something isn’t entirely problematic, because uncertainty requires that we trust something or someone. Often we put that trust in empirical research, the scientific...

It’s Not Always Wrong to be Jealous!

If you’re wondering about the difference between jealousy and envy, Fr. Mike clears up the confusion in this video. Simply put, jealousy is not wanting to share something or someone you possess or hope to possess, and...

About Me

Richy is the founder of Catholic Connect with a passion for technology and faith.
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Pray for Francis Chan to come to the Catholic Church!

"Evangelical preacher Francis Chan is speaking truth and I think coming to the Catholic Church! Let's pray...
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The World’s Most Persecuted Minority: Christians

The most persecuted and victimized people in the world today are Christians in the Middle East. The perpetrators of the widespread destruction...

Secret Worship: 480,000+ Christians in North Korea – Survivor tells her story

Some North Koreans have escaped from the Communist country and its human rights violations. Kim Eun Jin is one of those survivors......

Cash-strapped monks open brewery in Massachusetts

Trappist monks of St. Joseph's Abbey in Spencer, Mass., tapped into a long tradition of monks brewing beers after they were unable...

Entrepreneur Benedictine Monks Brew Monastic Beer

Benedictine monks in Norcia, Italy, celebrate their first year of beer production.

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