The angel asked God, why did you take so much time to create a woman.
God replied, did you see how many unique things I had to give her in order to do so many things. I have to put more than 200 different qualities for her, so she can be able to do the daily tasks.
She have to be able to do food, carry more than one baby, to give remedy to pain in the arm to a broken heart. All of this she have to do in her two hands.
The angel was astonishing and replied, only in those two hands a woman can do all of that? It is just impossible.
God said to the angel, just wait until I finish from creating this beautiful woman, she will be the closest to my heart.
When she become sick, she remedy herself and also able to work 18 hours daily.
The angel came closer and touched her face and said, but God why you made her so soft and gentle.
God replied, she is gentle, but she is so strong, you have no idea what she can do and how much she can bear.
The angel asked God, can she think?
God replied, not just thinking, but also have a conversation and argue too haha.
The angel asked God, what is this water coming from her eyes.
God replied, those are tears, I put so much of it. She express everything she feels by tears.
The angel looked at God and said, you’re so good God. You thought of everything before you created a woman.
God replied, her love is endless for everyone. You see her singing even if she is about to cry. Happy for her kids even if she is in pain.
God replied, yes woman is the closest to my heart. But despite everything I gave her she always fall into same mistake, she don’t know how much she worth which saddens me. 

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