“Thus a man and a woman, who by the marriage covenant of conjugal love ‘are no longer two, but one flesh’ (Mt 19:6) render mutual help and service to each other through an intimate union of their persons and of their actions.”
Second Vatican Council
Gaudium et Spes (Joy and Hope, the Pastoral Constitution on the Church in the Modern World), 48.

I went to Theology of the Body Part II of III Marriage.
A married couple were talking about their experience before and after marriage. They addressed that marriage is not just a white dress and fancy party. Couples must love each other just like Jesus loves His church.

Divorce rate is 50% because spouses don’t have God inside of them. They both let their pride and selfishness to control them.
They walk down the altar with the idea if it didn’t work, I’ll just divorce.
Marriage is a holy matrimony, it’s when a man and a woman decide to grow this love with God in between them.

Those who don’t want to get married don’t know what love is.
Unmarried couples don’t want to grow their love by getting married. If you love each other, you would want to grow this love to have a family.
Unmarried couples use sex to fulfill their desires and not to grow their love. Obviously this “sex love” will never give them peace of mind and the true meaning of love.

Single ladies and gentlemen, work on yourself. Love yourself, know your worth, and pray. Your Joseph or Mary will come when you don’t expect it.
That’s why I love being Catholic because we know sex is a gift from God to a married couple and not to misuse it. There is a big difference to have a pleasure in sex as a married couple than unmarried.

Those who have sex before marriage statistics show they’re more depressed and unhappy.
Sad how this world is more unhappy and they still don’t want to try to take a leap of faith and walk with God.
God created a man and a woman for a reason. To become one flesh after marriage and live a holy life together.
God blessed us with many gifts and if we misuse it, it’s our fault, not God.

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