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Multiple media sources in Mexico are reporting that Eduardo Verastegui a famous Mexican actor, model, and singer, with his own production company Metanoia Films (the Greek word for “repentance”) based in Beverly Hills, California may be running for the Mexican presidency.

Eduardo Verastegui is well known for not being afraid to use the media to speak the truth. He has turned down numerous Hollywood film opportunities because they don’t align with his Catholic beliefs and is exactly what Mexico needs right now. Corruption and violence has taken over the beautiful country of Mexico and the government has stacked up a reputation of greed, stealing as much as they can with no transparency in government. Corrupt political leaders have been caught buying votes right before the election periods by sending their representatives to the poorest communities, handing out fake grocery store gift cards in exchange for votes, and even renting a fleet of buses to drive the people to the voting booths.

The values in Mexico are quickly being lost. The corrupt Mexican government is advocating the destruction of the family by promoting their abortion and homosexuality agenda and quickly silencing anyone who opposes them. Although Mexico is a majority Catholic nation, the power of a few corrupt men controls most of Mexico. In fact, the latest census conducted in 2010 shows that over 101 million Mexicans (91% of the Mexican population) identify as Catholics. The problem is that there is no true checks and balances in Mexico, even though the government calls themselves a democracy, the truth is that whatever political party holds the presidency can do whatever they want, they are their own checks and balances. This needs to change and can easily be changed with the right person in office.

Eduardo Verastegui is the leader Mexico needs desperately. Having almost a complete catholic population, Mr. Verastegui can count on the support of most of the community as well as support from his fans from all around the world. If he decides to run for presidency he would be running under the Social Encounter Party which characterizes itself as “the party of the family.” They believe marriage is between one man and one woman, opposes abortion, pornographic content, fights for religious liberty, and much more.

Hearing of Eduardo Verastegui and his goals reminds me of Ronald Reagan. They both have had the fame and money and could have chosen to just keep living their extravagant lives but instead they decided to focus on something bigger, the building and improving of their society.

Eduardo Verastegui is currently the President of the Lets Be Heroes Foundation. It inspires people to become heroes, putting their talents at the service of others. His film production company has also made a documentary about crime prevention and to encourage dialogue about the insecurity within the Mexican community. As well as other documentaries to expose human traffickers from all around the world. Gods will be done.

“He alone loves the Creator perfectly who manifests a pure love for his neighbor.” –St. Bede the Venerable

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