For more than four-hundred years, Introduction to the Devout Life by Doctor of the Church St. Francis de Sales has been regarded as the essential guide to holiness and loving God. This spiritual classic takes on new life in Lift Up Your Heart, where Rev. John Burns has interpreted ten meditations for the modern reader and distilled them into a ten-day mini-retreat that can easily be completed in the midst of a busy life.

This practical book goes right to the heart of helping you kick the habit of floating along on your spiritual journey to start actively pursuing holiness and devotion to God. During the course of the retreat, you’ll learn the basics of forming a daily prayer routine, including how to offer yourself to God, meditate on his love, and maintain peace in the face of suffering and clarity in the midst of temptation.

The meditations will help you:

  • Adopt gratitude as a daily prayer practice.
  • Examine and reorder your priorities and relationships to better reflect your love for God.
  • Discern between good and evil in your life.
  • Desire to love and serve as Jesus did.

In a very real sense, Burns helps you take St. Francis de Sales as your spiritual director for ten days. As you do so, you’ll feel God’s fatherly love and restart your faith life, equipped with the tools to connect with God and live for heaven now.

What people have said about this book:

“Time-tested tools for renewing your relationship with God.”

“After reading this book, you’ll crave holiness in a whole new way and find yourself equipped with time-tested tools for renewing your relationship with God and living a daily life of communion with him.”

Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan
Archbishop of New York

“A real gift!”

“Reading this book is a true retreat—it quickly drew my prayer life to new depths. Fr. John takes us through the timeless wisdom of St. Francis de Sales in a way that is accessible and applicable for anyone at any age. A must-read and a real gift!”

Sarah Swafford
Author of Emotional Virtue

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